All countries should protect LGBTI people from discrimination

All countries should protect LGBTI people from discrimination

    LGBTI people mustn’t be discriminated against on the basis of their sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, and sex characteristics.

    As liberals we believe that positive measures – such as education and training on LGBTI people and rights, which increase reciprocal comprehension and tolerance – are more effective than the criminalisation of discrimination per se. Such measures are also the best antidote to the abuse of civil, administrative or, even worse, penal sanctions in this field. Among these positive measures some are particularly important:

  • Training of public officers – prioritising employees in the departments of Justice, Home Security, Labour, Health and Education – journalists and athletes;
  • Anti-bullying programs in all schools;
  • The creation and empowerment of an equality body truly independent from the government;
  • The creation of adequate data collection and monitoring mechanisms on hate crimes, discrimination and incitement to discriminate, hostility or violence, involving NGOs.

    As liberals we are aware of the possible tension between the right of access to goods and services and the right to freedom of contract, but we feel that the former should prevail when it comes to the ascribed characteristic of the person.

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