According to the recently unveiled findings of the EU Fundamental Rights Agency’s survey on the experiences of LGBTI people in Europe, more LGBTI Europeans are now open about who they are but fear of violence and discrimination remain high. 

Compared to the results of the 2012 surveys, little progress has been made, with huge differences among countries: Despite the steps forward made by some EU Member States, in some areas, the situation got even worse, with clear attacks on the human rights of LGBTI people in countries like Poland and Hungary.

“The recent developments of LGBTI rights in Europe show a growing need for the EU and its Member States to put in place effective measures protecting the human rights of LGBTI people,” state the European Centre-Right LGBT+ Alliance, LGBTI Liberals of Europe, and Rainbow Rose.

“We call for:

  • An ambitious EU LGBTI Strategy that contains clear and measurable commitments.
  • The development of comprehensive anti-discrimination standards covering all aspects of life, including explicitly on the grounds of sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression and sex characteristics, applicable throughout the EU.
  • The inclusion of LGBTI rights in all EU monitoring exercises on Democracy, Rule of Law and Fundamental Rights, including in the context of Article 7 procedures and the upcoming Commission’s Annual Rule of Law report.
  • Ensuring equal rights for Rainbow Families and their children across the EU, including free movement rights.

We also call on: 

  • Member States to ban medical interventions — unless they are life-saving — on intersex children with variations of sex characteristics until fully informed consent is possible.
  • Member States to adopt a legal gender recognition procedure based solely on self-determination without requiring either mental health diagnosis or forced sterilization.
  • The Commission, the Council, and the Parliament to update and adopt the Horizontal Equal Treatment Directive, to extend protection against discrimination beyond employment in the EU and all Member States.
  • The Commission and European Parliament to pursue sanctions towards Member States that do not comply with the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights.
  • The European Parliament to use all tools at its disposal to demand that Member States increase their efforts on combating LGBT+ discrimination, developing, adopting and implementing corresponding legislation, policies and action plans.”

This statement is co-signed by LGBTI Liberals of Europe, Rainbow Rose & the European Centre-Right LGBT+ Alliance

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